1. Boxers or briefs? Illustrate your point with an MS Paint drawing.

2. If you could be a man for a day, what would be the first thing you'd do?
Experience all the things the penis has to offer. Peeing standing up, sense of entitlement, vaginas... the whole shebang.

3. Name 8 inanimate objects within view of where you're sitting, and assign them sexes.
  1. Phone: Male... it has a little erect antenna.
  2. USB Port: Female- self explanatory
  3. USB Drive: Male- it's entering the USB port....
  4. Empty plastic lightbulb casings: female- look like breasts
  5. Large plastic water bottle: could be a barrel chested man
  6. Pens and pencils- very slim and girlish
  7. Post It Pad- couldn't think of a sex until I drew eyelashes and lips on it
  8. Bottle of acetone free nail polish remover: female- small waist bottle, pear shaped bottom.
4. What accents would Boris and Olivia have if they were human?
Boris and Olivia are Russian spy cats. THEY HAIL FROM RUSSIA! *mad cossack dancing*

5. Your thoughts on bondage. Discuss.
*Said in Fonz voice* Nobody, I say, NOBODY is the boss of me!

Me as interviewed by Alison!

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