Cheers my mini wonton dumplings!

Everything went well. I had a wonderful weekend. Family liked the boy. Boy liked the family. My mom took a lot of creepy paparazzi type photos and said stuff like: "You'll thank me later!" Pictures like this:

I could do without the world facebook staring at my partially naked body.

We went sailing. It was pretty awesome. Except all day at work I felt like I was on a rocking sailboat and had to grip tightly to the desk to keep from toppling. (P.S. Look at his muscles... mmm)

Joel was the only one of us to catch a fish but my dad had to take it off the hook for him. Also, it was TINY. hahah that's what she said. It took me forever to work up the courage to jump off the boat. I had to wear a life jacket and keep my feet near the surface for fear of toe nibbling mega-sharks or something. Joel was afraid of cold water not fish... so he says. He did a very well formed dive from the boat but when he surfaced he made the sound of a posh bear being stabbed by a chav bear.

Anyway coming home on Sunday was horrifying. There was an accident on the 401 and it took us 3 and a half freakin hours to get to Kingston. We missed our train and had to catch a later one. As a result I slept NOT A WINK and worked all night. I had about 4 redbulls over the course of 8 hours. When I got home my body was buzzing and I had to take gravol because I was feeling sick from the sailboat feeling. My ears were ringing from people setting off alarms at work. I laid in bed and just reeled.

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