I had a dry New Years but it was lovely. I generally always end up back at my parents for New Years because that's where I am for Christmas. (With the exception of last years wonderful Wii-fest culminating with me and Alison drunkenly exploring Kat's parent's gigantic bed.) That's why it was an absolute treat to stand on the end of the pier in Arendal and watch the fireworks go off all around me.

There were maybe a dozen different places around the inlet shooting fireworks. Joel had tons of candy in his pocket from his Xmas stocking and was constantly feeding them to me. It was colder than the Virgin Mary's vagina out there but it was lovely. Ducks were frightened slightly and the amount of sulphur in the air was considerable- but the ducks will live to quack another day and the sulphur just masked the smell of our excited farts of anticipation for the year to come. We came home and had hot chocolate and played with Captain Jack and went to bed with a warm fire going.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and I hope lots of exciting things for all of us in 2009 "as 2008 mercifully draws to a close".

I totally had a weird Burn Gorman public swimming pool sex dream! On New Years! It was so alarming. What's worse is that in my dream I seemed to remember a previous time doing it with him. Like we were FwB or something. Oh god... his mouth...

There was also an active pursuit on my part. He was quite reluctant like; "Oh no, I'm not going down THAT road again!" and then slowly caved in to my seduction. Also, we were never completely naked thank god. We seemed to always have our undies on. Except for the moment of you know, penetration. EW EW EW EW EW EW EW

Sorry I had to subject that to you all. Especially in the new year.

I will end this post with a hilarious picture of Joel.


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