Look at this floofy thang. She's just cuddling in my bed with me. Occasionally biting me to break down my spirit. Her cuteness is a ploy. She is never nice. She routinely shuns Boris from the bed and physically bullies him to the point where he is a jumpy, paranoid, freak cat.

Its a drizzly night and I can't sleep. I thought I'd find comfort in my google reader. A thoughtful blogger has decided to post this video. Thanks. Now I'll sleep soundly knowing that the doom of 99% of the population is an asteroid away.

Oh god. The apocalypse. Eight degrees celsius in Ottawa in the middle of February has got to be a sign.

In other news, I desperately want to find an apartment just so I have an excuse to get my mom to help me clean my current apartment. Saaad. Seriously I have way to much stuff. I did a huge cleaning upon my return from Norway but my lack of any substantial time to devote to the task is hindering. I get halfway done cleaning my room and then have to do homework or real work or go to class or have to watch stupid Tatiana on American Idol and then my half clean room slowly gets full capacity messy again. Then I get it down to half clean again--- you see the cycle of filth. It never ends and its crushing my SOUL.

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