I know what I've done is wrong and I'm so sorry. Especially to Meredith. I hope you never find out because you are going to whoop my ass.

I feel that I've let down everyone.... especially myself. But I was walking home from a shitty apartment viewing on the other side of town/15 minutes away and it was icey and wet and the wind was driving and I just needed some comfort.... *sobs*.

I tried to say no, but I just couldn't. I could see it from the street. It beckoned me. I knew I'd just feel dirty afterwards but... it called to me... it coerced me... like a merciless sirene from sea tales of old.

Look at it. That's a good inch or so of icing on the top. I'm only half way done. I feel sick and queasy but it was soooo worth it. Now I know why doves cry.

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