How do my cats live? In a lap of LUXURY! That's how! Their new favourite treats are by Zuke's. They are seriously addicted. More addicted than those whiskas treats. The whiskas treats my as well be little carboard bits for all they care. Buyer beware, your cat will won't go back.

My cats also have their own "furniture" which include a box of toys (also a bed sometimes), a little box bed, their cat carriers (now cat condos), and a cat sized couch. I shit you not.

Blogger is too crappy to upload pictures right now, but they exist. Ohhhh yes. I have some pictures on my photobucket that I took for my landlord to show the apartment. Olivia attempted to ruin EVERY picture.

"Oh! You're taking a picture here? How clumsy of me to fall and expose my soft fluffalicious tummy region!"

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Stuart and Mari said...

I think the kitty makes it feel like "home"