I'm afraid I ain't got no alibi.

Sometimes I feel like nobody sees me. It's my worst fear. Selfish, but true. It's not like I think I'm the smartest, most beautiful, fabulous-beyond-belief person in the entire universe. I just want people to see me and validate me as the not smart, not beautiful, not fabulous person I am. Does that make sense to you? There are so many things and people I love for their imperfections and I want people to see mine.

I was about to go to bed and I took out my contacts and couldn't see. I decided to take some pictures of myself whithout my contacts (I wouldn't be able to see myself to "pose" like normal.) I only took a few shots because I feel disoriented when I can't see anything. These are the pictures that actually focused/didn't cut off most of my face. You can click through for ginormous pore exposing versions (they are scaled down from the originals on my computer).

P.S. I made them black and white for dramatic effect. I wanted them to look old. Like they weren't from 2009 or any time in particular.

Don't feel pressured to comment. This is in introspective post. I almost made it private but that would sort of negate the purpose.

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Stuart and Mari said...

I think some of your "ugly" pictures are quite beautiful