If this was meant as satire or humour I missed it completely. I can't take it as a joke. I'm sorry if I look like I don't have a sense of humour, but about this I don't. Sadly, I think these people really honestly believe what they are saying. I've never been so offended. What bothers me even more is that this is the image being projected to Americans about Canada. I didn't think Americans like this actually existed, I thought it was just a silly stereotype. I guess not.

Check out the Globe and Mail article for a rundown of his ignorance.

Americans: Don't believe this. Its ignorant, its offensive, and it completely crosses the line.

@BillSchulz I really couldn't hate anybody more than I hate you right now. You are an ignorant, spiteful imbecile. Read a fucking book.

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Stuart and Mari said...

they are too ignorant to warrant my attention