Listen, I know everyone loves Twilight; for lols or for realz-whatever. My best friend even loves it. Last weekend at the hostel two girls grilled me for not liking it and I didn't really say anything in response because I think taste isn't good or bad but subjective. I love Logan's Run... and its really not any technically better in the eyes of most people. If someone said: "Why do you dislike Twilight?" my simple and honest answer would be: "It is a true fuck you to the female sexual liberation movement, that's why."

I want to say something right now because two more girls at the hostel (I'm at work) just bitched me out for not liking it again. I didn't say anything I wanted to because I didn't want to get into a silly argument. I pretty much just said I didn't like the writing or the characters and left it at that. Because I couldn't say what I wanted to say to them and I never have really said what I think I will say it now.

I felt that the movie (I haven't been able to get past the first chapter in the book) was a very blatant allegory about abstinence. I felt that it was all about denying ourselves what is natural: biologically and emotionally. The main character is an impossibly ostentatious teenage girl who is, as a literary element, hollow and idealistic. She falls for a creepy century old sparkly vampire who is constantly watching her and appearing at opportune times.

The chick desperately yearns to be literally bitten by the vampire but also wants his sex. He refuses because he doesn't want to "taint" her soul. Even though her "outrageous flavour" is like a pie on the proverbial windowsill he contains himself because he loves her.

What bothers me about this flick is that the male protagonist is solely responsible for making moral decisions and chicki-poo is seen as not capable of making such a decision of her own accord. Whenever she does make a decision, such as meeting antagonist!vamp, they are always the wrong choice- the immoral decision.

P.S. I couldn't not mention this factor. haha
"What's that at the end of my nose? Oh, the rest of the fucking world! ahahaha"

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