Hello one and all!
I break my radio silence again today to tell you that my bronchisauri are inflamed. (I have bronchitis.) Joel is still living with me which is kind of up and down, but mainly up since he's found work. Not GIS stuff but working in a couple of restaurants. Him being home 24/7 and moping around was driving me nuts. Now that he has a job I hope he will find his own place. I doubt it though. He has no plan, he's all over the place. Sometimes he says he wants to stay here for the summer and sometimes he says he wants to go to Alaska... I don't know what's going on with him, but now that he's out of the house I don't really interact with him that much.

Sometimes I wonder if Disney has programmed me to expect the Beast to turn into a Prince just because I'm patient and loving.

I got a raise at work which is lovely, but I've been sick/away for a substantial amount of time since the raise. I have a big test tomorrow and I've not really been able to lift my head off the pillow today. I am emailing my prof to see what my options are. I doubt anything can be done this late, but I really didn't expect to be hit this hard.

So today I need to study study study (my test isn't until 7pm tomorrow night) and then I need to clean the kitchen and bathroom. I miss Meredith and splitting chores 50/50. If Joel moves out I totally want Annie to come spend a week or two with me. We can eat on patios and bake and have picnics and do DIY projects... do sister things.

Well, I just took some dimetane-expectorant and I feel I'll be mildly drowsy soon so that's enough of an update for now... Here are some cat pictures:

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