Hello faithful followers!

I want to make the house from "Up" on the sims and I need some reference material. There are plenty of great shots of the front of the house but I am looking for shots from the side and the back as well as interior shots and layout information.

Any reference materials you can find would be super helpful. I promise to upload it so you can have your Ellie's and Carl's live out long happy lives together!


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Hannah said...

At first glance, I thought it was the house from Dido's music video for Thankyou, but it's not. It looks so similar, though, very cute and cozy! I'd love to see that house in The Sims. Hopefully you have TS3. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks. I've gathered tons of great references so here's hoping I can do it justice. :)

themodelmaker said...

Hi! I dont have real blueprints of the house, but I used disneys cutout model to create quite accurate plans. My scale is based on the door dimensions, but it may be different than in real world.

Amanda said...

I think I will base the dimensions on the doors and windows too.