Would it be unethical to use my birthday money to put towards a new iPod? I feel so guilty just thinking about it. Whenever I think about buying something I get this sense of dread like everyone would judge me for buying something expensive... nonetheless I troll eBay looking for deals (never logging in or bidding of course).

Every month I put all my money into my line of credit, visa, bills, and groceries (etc etc) but would it also be so bad to put $20 into my my iPod Jar every once in a while? I rarely eat out any more or go to the movies or go to the pub or anything.

Another shameful confession = every time I get a tip or commission I ALWAYS spend that money on myself. Chocolate bar, movie, etc. Its rare and not much- could I put commission into the iPod Jar instead of getting a treat?

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Spender said...

Amanda, saving away money for something that you really want isn't just smart, it's commendable. I do it for every major purchase and have stayed debt free for many years.
Yeah, it's hard not to splurge when you have a chance but, trust me, it's a lot more fun to take the money you've worked for and saved to a store or shop and plunk down cash.
Get that iPod!
I love mine.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the advice. I used my first ever paycheque to buy my first iPod and I remember how good it felt- using my hard earned cash for something I really wanted.