Firstly, apparently I have 3 unanswered friend requests on hi5... I was not even aware I had a hi5 account.

Secondly, I've been writing about such depressing subject matter that I cannot help feeling a little depressed by proxy. The upcoming holiday and the pure enjoyment I get from finishing my work and having a little nap or getting in some personal reading is keeping my spirits up. I wrote about the tragic histories of three women (Agrippina the Younger- killed by her son's assassins, Catherine of Aragon- died alone in exile after her husband refused to acknowledge her any longer, Queen Esther- forced to marry King Xerxes who was responsible for the massacre of her people...). I'm also taking a Dystopian Fiction class which is actually a depressing book club that comes with a university credit. (Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed it.) In that vein, here is io9's best sci fi books of the decade... I'll need to add some of those to my goodreads to-read shelf.

Now I'm working on women in Tibetan Buddhism. I watched Kundun last night and of course, cried like a baby. Then I watched the Vancouver 2009 Peace summit. Even though the talks were of peace, it was talked about as a hypothetical concept. H.H. did say some great things about women and their contribution to the achievement of peace. He sounds like a man ready to retire. He seemed much more vibrant when he was in Ottawa. Maybe he's like Nimoy, he just seems much shinier in person.

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