Dear Internet,
This is what I have learned from gif-gate:
There's nothing funnier a woman getting punched in the face.

The following people deserve to be hit-
  • sluts
  • cunts
  • bitches
  • hos
  • idiots
  • chubby girls
  • girls who don't keep their fat mouths shut....
I thought I was the only one disgusted by the celebration but over at Jezebel, most people are pretty shocked at the reaction. There is also an interesting discussion about the difference between man-on-man violence and man-on-woman violence here. A person of any gender hitting another person of any gender is equally wrong in my book. But the reason I am so upset and vocal about this particular incident is the reaction. All the comments and posts are about how gratifying it is to see this chick get punched (generally because she's stupid or "slutty"). I still can't bring myself to read youtube comments.

Bloggers that I loved are laughing it up over the assault. Its so disappointing to realize that people you respect and who's work you enjoy turn out to be sleazy and deplorable. I love to donate $5 or so every holiday season to my favourite blogs just as a little thank you. That is sooo not happening this year. I'm also taking a lot of them off my google reader. I know I'm just one reader, but if that's the case, then they shouldn't really care about losing my support.

I just want to quote a comment by DangerMouse in the Jezebel male perspective thread.

"'But why is it unimaginably worse for an asshole to haul off and hit Snooki than for an asshole to haul off and hit a man Snooki's size, for no reason whatsoever?'

Because of the MASSIVE historical implications and power dynamics?

Let's see, men were allowed to hit women until pretty recently--and in some places, they still are able to hit or even kill them with little to no repercussions. As a woman, I need to worry about violence and rape basically every day--at the bus stop, in the parking lot at the store, getting my house keys out while there are people nearby. Add to that the endless power struggle that occurs in our lives simply because we are female, ranging from being paid less, getting talked over in meetings, being passed over for promotions or tenure, a higher risk of being a victim of sexual and/or domestic violence. Oh, and if I don't respond to some guy calling to me on the street or talking to me in a bar, I get yelled at and/or threatened. I've heard of other women getting followed and persistently harassed after such incidents. If I complain to someone else about getting yelled at, the odds are good that they will tell me that I should have humored him. What this does that male-on-male or female-on-female violence is reinforce misogyny."

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