This is my last uber personal post, I promise.

After watching Jim and Pam's wedding tonight I felt touched and humbled by the ideal of love portrayed on the screen. It reminded me of a quote from my favourite sitcom after The Office: Scrubs. This John C. McGinley soliloquy is amazing and the way its filmed feels like he's talking right to me- and he's so spot on.

Here's the extended speech for anybody interested. Its not as topical, but still amazing.

I'm ready for the jokes about taking a silly tv show seriously, but Jim/Pam love exists. I've seen it with my own eyes (I was raised by parents who were and still are in Jim/Pam love). Its incredibly rare and as Dr Cox points out, those individuals privileged enough to experience it are lucky... I sort of think fake reality dealt me a dose of real reality tonight.

Good night. Thanks, John- For giving it to me straight.

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Stuart and Mari said...

Personally, I was just really lucky that a nice man fell in love with me.
It's pretty safe to say, that he has been, and still is the best decision I've ever made.