I've just finished the last bit of my first draft on my paper Factors Affecting Human Mate Selection. It was a tad rushed, and I'm confused about the format that the teacher wanted. (It's her first year and she is standing in for our new-mother teacher.) There is a lot of conflict between what we were told to do in the begining and what this new stand in has told us to do. Luckily I have an editing session tomorrow and the final needs to be finished for Friday. I would like to add in more connections and quotes because I don't think there are very many scattered within the sprawling twenty page report.

I also have to finish the first draft of my other research paper entitled The Changing Perception of Female Beauty by Friday as well. It will probably be more difficult than the paper I just took almost a week to write. I guess I will just do a heading every day, I'll make the deadline. I need to print out some more surveys tonight, or email them to people. I just need some more male participants, so if you are interested in taking the survey email me and tell me, and I'll email the word document to you and you can just fill it out in an email. I need them ASAP, but because I had the other research assignment deadline first, it took priority.

Tomorrow first thing I have to finish the Caption Contest photo and maybe slip in an announcement before class so people will know about it. Unfortunately, it is also a bit late, but this, I'm somewhat pleased to say, is through no fault of my own. I have a completely useless teacher in journalism. I tried transfering out of it, but it was no use. To make matters worse, in my first term exhuberance, I took on the role of the Grad Supplement Editor. (It's like a small yearbook to give Grads before they leave.) It has to be done before March break I believe. (I may have my G2 by then! Crazy...)

I've also got to finish up some work for my math class. (It's almost insulting it's so simple.) I'm in all advanced level classes, and it's a general stream. I felt like I was back in primary school. The kids in the class act like it enough. The teacher is young and I get along with her so I'm not completely alone in the class. I'm also friends with the assistant to the disabled girl. (Just phsyical, not mental.) We are working on a project together that is also due on Friday. (I don't know what I'm going to do with all these Friday deadlines. They are truly heinous.)

Tonight on my hour break, Annie and I watched an episode of Dead Like Me. I really hope they bring that show back. I really loved it. I'd go on and on about it, but unfortunately my tea has run out long ago and the friendly boost has gone along with it. My contact lenses are starting to scratch dryly at my eyes and the late night MSNers are coming on. I've got to wake up in six hours, and I'd like to get a REM cycle in tonight, as bogus and impossible that actually is.

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